Welcome to the club!

Today was graduation day. And a special one as we awarded the black belt to 2 assets of the Rio Grappling Club.

From Italy, Erik Tornaboni, a student and friend for over nine years, that has taken each belt from me directly, has completed the first part of the journey and now starts the second and hardest part. Erik has been representing us in competition and in trainings for a long time and has contributed a lot to our group in many ways, and we are confident of his future commitment in this new journey as a black belt.


Erik Showing a guard pass on Gianluca Boni

Croatia’s first black belt under the Rio Grappling Club, Davor Pocijak has done a lot on the five years that he is in the group. From preparing kids that brought us the European IBJJF Juvenile Trophy, to coming to our camp riding his bike over 850km across 3 countries, he is a competitor, a coach and a real ambassador, travelling to places and connecting to fellow grapplers from countries in the Balkans and beyond, always bearing a smile.

Davor teaching guard pass

Davor teaching guard pass

Davor Pocijak and Erik Tornaboni, welcome to the black belt club. Big responsibility as you are both aware. We expect the best from you! Good luck in the new journey, even more challenging than the previous.

This morning we also promoted another old student that was missing for a while. Ion Condei, one of our best competitors as a blue belt in Italy, winner of comps in his weight and open division, was graded purple belt and will soon compete again.  A great start for our 6th Summer Camp in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

Sunday Morning Sparring

Sunday Morning Sparring

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