From Germany with love

September saw the end of the vacations period in Europe, and after the 5th Rio Grappling Summer Camp in Italy, I went to Munich, Germany where I held a seminar at Axis Insight Munchen, also supported by Pound for Pound BJJ. The Bavarian capital is now booming with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and my friends Diogo Primo and Antonio Sergio Zimmermann are teachers there. They also stepped up to organise the sport in the region. In November they helped IBJJF with the first Munich BJJ Open, first major comp in Central Europe promoted by the International BJJ Federation. Great competitors and committed coaches, both agreed to film them showing ground techniques for our project Rio Grappling Club invites.

Watch below the video by Sergio Zimmermann and Diogo Primo at the Rio Grappling Club invites #9

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