Summer camp in Poland

We finished our II summer camp in Poland last Sunday, and it was just great. With 80 people joining us for a week of BJJ and MMA training, we had a great time together and an opportunity to integrate our students and schools, review and update our teaching skills, improve communications throughout our network, have fun and prepare for the next season. Weather in the Polish mountains helped us and there was a great atmosphere of comraderie uniting us all.

We had participants of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, as well as black belts from Poland, Serbia, Greece and Brazil. Most students were Rio Grappling Club members, joined by Pitbull Nitra students of Michal Sobolic and Walmaro Medeiros, traditional Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and MMA fighters.


Trainings were held three times a day, with techniques being worked in mornings, mid day reserved for drilling to improve speed, accuracy and balance, and specific and general sparring in the evenings. Mats were split so MMA guys did their thing while most of us focused on the Grappling (GI and No GI). Focus was on De La Riva hooks and variations, with some basic stuff thrown in to benefit the largfe number of white and blue belts attending.

This year we had black belts Hermes Dimitropoulos (Greece), Nenad Latincic (Serbia), Mariusz Koziej and Krystian Kwiecien (Poland) and myself, Roberto Atalla (Brazil) directing the classes, with the help of Krzysiek Golaszewski for the MMA.

Several new blue belts were rewarded, one purple belt, two brown and two blacks to our coaches Roman Rutkowski (Dabrowa Gornicza) and Wojtek Machulak (Ribnik). A big party happened afterwards, bonding together our guys and the result was that our last session Sunday had less than 40 people, with the rest recovering from the previous night 😉


I’m definitely looking forward to our V camp in Italy happening within ten days, and confident that next summer will be time to train and enjoy again the company of our friends in both places.

#bjj4life #bjjwithoutborders #rgcrulez

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