Seminar in Dubai

Dubai is one of those cosmopolitan places, with so many expats from all over the globe, and one can meet people from all continents. Such a diverse environment is great as it allows people to face diversity and learn a lot about other cultures. It is a great experience to teach here. After 3 weeks teaching regular classes at Emirates Jiu Jitsu Center, yesterday was the big day, when we had our scheduled seminar. I was not sure about the turnout, but we had a full house at last.

Diversity is the word, we had on the mats people from Brasil, USA, England, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Philippines, Palestine, UAE, Pakistan, Poland and Kazakhstan. I am glad I can unite people from so different backgrounds around BJJ. Seminar was the traditional Submission Escapes that I previously taught in Sweden, Italy, Poland, South Africa and Croatia, and guys were happy to improve their defence.

Thanks to everyone that attended.



2 responses to “Seminar in Dubai

  1. Thank you Roberto, the seminar was fantastic. systematical approach to early, late and absolute last chance escapes. this seminar will help me keep composure in the fight.


  2. I found the seminar a great help to defending against 3 of the most common attacks in Jiu Jitsu (Triangle, Arm Bar, Omaplata). The defences taught for these attacks were given to us in a systematic progression depending on how early or late we are able to defend. When drilling these defences with a fellow purple belt who put a little more pressure on his attacks, my confidence in the techniques grew the more I practiced them.

    More to the point…the defences taught were not “fancy” or impractical. On the contrary they were simple and very effective if executed correctly. Thanks again Atalla for sharing this valuble knowledge that can only increase our understanding of Jiu Jitsu 😉


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