Judson Borges in Poland

After the great success of the seminar with Marcos Flexa, we will host another black belt from Carlson Gracie in our gym. Judson will come down straight from the Europeans (he works in the International Federation) to teach one class in Wroclaw and another in Dabrowa Gorniczna.

The seminar in Wroclaw will happen on the Saturday, 7th of February, and Sunday we will go to Dabrowa Gorniczna. Classes will last for 3 hours, and possibly we will have another optional 2 hours explaining the official rules of BJJ according to the IFBJJ. We will soon release more details on prices, times and format of the seminar. Some info on Judson:

Master Judson Borges is a 3rd degree black belt. He received his belt from Carlson Gracie himself, and have competed extensively in the past. He trains since 1974 and won major titles as an athlete and even more as a coach. He worked as director of the Rio de Janeiro BJJ Federation from 97 to 2005. Now he does the same in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Confederation and in the IBJJF. After many years living and teaching in Rio de Janeiro (the craddle of BJJ) he moved with his family to the north-east region of Brasil, where he coaches 3 schools.

Judson Borges

Judson Borges

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