I World Professional BJJ Cup

Finally our sport is becoming professional. Carlos Santos, the head coach of BJJ in Abu Dhabi, under the sponsorship of the sheik Mohamad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is promoting the first ever World Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Cup.

The event will happen in Abu Dhabi, on 1st and 2nd of May, 2009 and will offer a total prize of Us$ 110,000.00 (one hundred and ten thousand american dollars), to be shared by first and second placed competitors of each division.

This competition will surely soon be the most important BJJ tournament in the World, surpassing the other comps held by other federations, those want to keep our sport amateur so only the organisers make money while the athletes earn medals and t-shirts! 

The tournament will be open to everyone, but european competitors are encouraged to take place on the European Trials in Spain. Those will be held on 7th and 8th of March, and all the winners will receive free flights and all expenses paid to fight in the main event.

Only holders of european passports will be allowed in the Trials. Other regions of the World will hold Trials too, so if you live outside Europe, please go to their blog and find out where and when the trials will be, in your continent. Only Africa will not have them this year, but in 2010 the city of Johannesburg will hold the African Trials, under the responsability of the Rio Grappling Club.

The participation on the Trials is not mandatory, everyone can go to the main event, but the winners of the Trials will have all expenses paid and will be placed on the second phase of the main event. 

On the last 5 years Carlos has successfully organised big tournaments in Abu Dhabi, but this event will be a break through in terms of prizes and structure, and I am confident that this is one opportunity not to be missed by anyone competing in BJJ.

For more info please go to:emiratesone.blogspot.com


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