Carlson Gracie Black Belts list

This list was the last one updated by Carlson Gracie himself. Notice that he signaled the guys that he had expelled but he hadn’t taken out their names from the list so anyone claiming to be a black belt directly under Carlson Gracie must be on this list or else is not telling the truth.

My black belt was earned in 98 by Sergio “Bolao” Souza, who is one of the most famous fighters and coaches under Carlson Gracie. He won matches against Marcelo Behring, Jean Jaques and Johny Machado, Fabio Gurgel, Castelo Branco, Roberto Traven among other great caliber guys and his sweeps are out of this world! So my name is not included as I haven’t trained directly under Carlson although I fought for his team some times in the past.

Here the complete list:

Alan Goes (expelled)
Alberto “Apaga Vela” Dos Santos
Alexandre Macedo
Alexandre Derizans
Amaury Bitetti
Andre Pederneiras
Anselmo Montenegro
Antonio Claudio Correia Buchaul
Antonio Ricardo Bittencourt Cavalcanti
Antonio Ricardo Jardim Liborio (expelled)
Antonio “Tuninho” Rodrigues
Armando Alves “Maninho” Goncalves Filho
Arthur Virgilio Neto
Ary Galo
Braulio Carsalade
Cassio Cardoso (expelled)
Carley Gracie
Carlos “Penao”Alexandre Da Conceicao
Carlos Antonio Rosado
Carlos “Bagana”
Carlos Eduardo De Oliveira
Carlos Rollyson
Carlson Gracie Jr.
Carlson Guimaraes
Christian Kennedy Grandi
Cleiton De Souza
Clovis Rodrigues
Crezio De Souza
Daniel Cristoph
Djalma Jose De Santana Filho
Edir “Monge” Da Silva
Edson Carvalho
Elair Gilberto Da Silva Reis
Elcio Figueiredo
Fabio Macieira
Felipe Figalo Barbosa
Fernando “Nutri-Baby” Da Silva
Fernando “Pinduka” Guimaraes
Fernando Rosental
Francisco “Grego” Trivelas
Francisco “Toco” Albuquerque
Gustavo Gussem
Gutenberg Mello
Henrique Chvaicer
Isaias De Souza
Jeronimo Ventura
Joao Antonio Fernandes Filho
Jose De Oliveira
Jose Eduardo Gomes De Oliveira
Jose Mario Sperry (expelled)
Julio “Foca” Fernandez
Leo D’ilha
Luis Fernando “Nando” Da Costa
Luis Carlos “Manimal” Matheus
Luiz “Bebeo” Duarte (expelled)
Luiz Carlos Vallois
Manuel “Maneco” Maria Cardoso Neto
Marcel Duque Estrada
Marcelinho “Cremulhao”
Marcelo Alonso
Marcelo Bustamante
Marcelo “Playmobil”
Marcelo Procopio
Marcelo Tadeo De Oliveira
Marcello Saporito
Marco Aurelio Kuhner De Oliveira
Marco Aurelio Valadares Lisboa
Marcos “Parrumpinha” Da Matta (expelled)
Marcos Flexa
Marcos “Conan” Silveira (expelled)
Marcus Vinicius De Macedo Soares
Mario Cupertino
Marvin Swhab
Mauricio “Saddam”
Miguel Kelner (expelled)
Miguel “Dentista” Monteiro
Murilo Bustamante (expelled)
Orlando Saraiva
Oswaldo “Paqueta” Gomes Rosa
Oswaldo Viana
Otavio Augusto De Oliveira
Paulo Filho
Paulo “Mamao” Albuquerque Filho
Pedro De Secco
Renato “Macaquinho” Frossard
Renato Tavares (expelled)
Ricardo De La Riva
Ricardo “Rey” Diogo
Ricardo Luis Perrone
Ricardo Juca Santos
Ricardo “Kiko” Velloso
Rinaldo Santos
Roberto De Souza
Rocian Gracie
Rodrigo Medeiros
Sergio Abhimery
Sergio “De Niteroi” Iris Jose De Almeida
Sergio “Bolao” De Souza
Vinicius Cruz
Vitor Belfort (expelled)
Wallid “Paraiba” Ismail
Walter “Soldado” Da Silva
Walter “Casquinha” Guimaraes
Wander De Sousa

6 responses to “Carlson Gracie Black Belts list

  1. Hello. A name that was not mentioned was the late
    Franco De Camargo. Carlson Gracie Black Belt. Are these names of the black belts who were or are currently team fighters? Or is this your complete list? Thank you for your time.


    • Bryan, this list was made by Carlson himself, but is possibly he forgot few names, the only person that can respond it ios his son Carlson Gracie Jr. Having said that, I believe that Franco was his student as well as Clovis, another name not included but a black belt under him. I just reprinted a list that is mostly accurate but to check the facts you must reach Carlson’s son.


      • What I was told by my teacher, a Carlson BB and friend of Wallid, is that Franco De Camargo was awarded his BB informally by Carlson BB Wallid Ismail during a photo-shoot for a martial arts magazine.I was told this the day after it happened.

        Then Franco became affiliated with Carlson more formally; i.e. he became an affiliate.

        From what I understand, Franco knew Carlson and was to whatever extent already a “Carlson Guy/Carlson Lineage Guy” but didn’t actually get his BB from Carlson.

        However, AFTER Franco he got his Black Belt from Wallid, his school in Orange, CA was definitely a “Carlson School”.

        I believe that is accurate. I met Franco a number of times and he was a VERY, VERY nice guy, who passed WAY to young.


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